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Häufige Fragen (FAQ)

1. Can I buy music without a credit card?

Yes, iGroove offers as the only shop the ability to buy music directly via SMS. The purchase amount is charged to your telephone bill or your pre-paid balance. The amount is charged only once and is not a subscription service.

2. How do I get the download?

You will receive a download link via email or text message directly after your purchase. The link includes MP3 files of the purchased item. For downloads on iOS use the free app to download music on your iPhone. (max. 3 downloads per purchase and max. on 2 different devices).

3. Why can I pay voluntary more for a download?

In a time where musicians are struggling with streaming and declining sales, we want to offer an alternative. On iGroove, music lovers have the opportunity to pay more for music, as the price the artist asks for. Through the additional support, musicians and bands can be funded directly and on an easy way.

4. Do I have to register myself to buy music?

No. You do not have to register to buy music on iGroove. Depending on the payment method you have to specify an email address to where you want the download link to be sent.

5. Why buy music on iGroove?

We are musicians ourselves and have made it our mission, to create a platform, which supports musicians in their daily work. iGroove only retains a commission of 8% for themselves and pays the remainder to the artist and owner of the music. Musicians can publish their works for free on the platform and retain all rights to their music. Thanks to these fair conditions, musicians earn up to 40% more per sale than on other music portals. With your purchase on, you can support the artists directly.